Kakha Tchotiashvili


It all started in the village of Telavi municipality, Saniore. That’s the place, where the soil is saturated with love of vine and the air - with the taste of wine. The story of Kakha Tchotashvili, “Winemaker”, about whom we’re going to tell you, starts from the sunny Kakheti. 

Kakha had always been dreaming to connect his life and profession with wine. Even when other children had dreams about being policemen or cosmonauts, Kakha was drunk in love with the vine

kakha tchotiashvili

There were no relevant programs at the University of Telavi. So, Kakha chose a relatively close program and started studying at the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics. Soon he moved to Tbilisi, continued studying at the faculty of Winemaking in 1999, and began making his childhood dream come true.

Kakha Chotiashvili

Soon a diligent student started working in the factory of “Binekhi” and alongside other young people, took a lot of medals and successes to the company. There even were several facts, when his wine got Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals at the same time. Kakha spent 14 years in the “Binekhi” factory. Nowadays he collaborates with 6 different factories and with his all-around knowledge related to the wine makes Georgian wine diversity richer and more developed.

Kakha Chotiashvili

When we call him “Winemaker”, don’t think that there’s some overstatement. Yes, he is as a winemaker, as a grape picker, director, wine-taster… Shortly, describing his relationship with wine is hard. That’s why we call him “Winemaker” - a man, who makes wine. Probably, that’s the reason why he prefers to work individually with using his abilities and experience, but we also have to say that Kakha never avoids working with young people. And there’s always room for such employees.