Kabis Toni

Keti Jurkhadze

Have you ever heard about Keti Jukharadze’s story? About a wine expert from the homeland of wine, who paved the way for Georgian winemaking with her strong character and courage. So, now I’ll tell you about a woman, who “lives in wine”, as she says.

Kabis Toni

It’s already 15 years since Keti connected her life to wine. Although she was dreaming about being a surgeon in her childhood, like her granny was, with "the fortune of wine", she started studying at the Faculty of Agronomy. Then Keti started working at the laboratory of wine, where she met Nugzar Ksovreli, a man, who invited her to the “Tasting Committee” and helped her to take the first steps in the world of wine.

Since then, Keti hasn’t changed her way and goes forward in the wine industry with solidity and dare. As Keti says, she achieves success with the love of wine and with the great support coming from her friends.

You may think that Keti’s love for wine comes from her family or there’s some wine-maker among her relatives… But it’s not true. Keti explored the wine herself. And now it’s more than just “business.” It’s home, where she lives. Or maybe the roots planted by her distant ancestors arose in her heart full of love of vine, which made her be a winemaker. Who knows?!

Keti never gives up. And when there’s some failure, she celebrates the future victories. Keti works hard and does her best to continue Georgian wine history, which started 80 centuries ago.

 That’s why she created a wine school “Kabistoni”. The place, where she shares her experience and interesting practical or theoretical knowledge. She is in love with her job and students from whom she learns a lot, too.

Because of the fact that she is not afraid of taking risks and always listens to her heart, she decided to start fighting without any “equipment” and immediately created a page named “Kabistoni” on the social network. That’s how it all started. 

The school was named after the rare Georgian grape variety Kabistoni. After that, one of Keti’s friends read “Kabistoni” as “Kabis Toni”, which in Georgian means “Tone of the dress” and connected it to Keti’s, as a strong woman's character. After that Keti decided to make wine under this name. The first Saperavi of “Kabis Toni” was bottled in 2018 and soon she produced the other Georgian wines from the ancient and rare vine varieties: Chinuri, Kikhvi, Donakhanuli, and Tavkveri.