I want to tell you about a Georgian winemaker, doctor Eko Ghlonti, who produces organic wine from native vine varieties with ancient winemaking techniques. he uses Kvevri to make organic wine in his own enterprise “Lagvinari” Eko is a man, who manages “Lagvinari” and develops Georgian traditions and cultural heritage, which are recognized by UNESCO.

When it all started, “a doctor winemaker” probably couldn’t imagine how successful he would be. Nowadays, his wine is popular in Great Britain, Norway, Australia, and France.

He learned to love wine from a very young age. 5-year-old Eko was already asking for wine, and every time he was allowed to taste watery wine, he was losing her mind from happiness. Then he grew up and got closer to her favourite drink. After learning the interesting facts about the Kvevri, his interest became deeper, and started thinking about producing his own wine.

 "Doctor Eko'' became "Winemaker Eko." Today he has a 5 hectares vineyard that places together the ancient varieties of grapes. Eko is not afraid of experiments and he often uses his own secret winemaking technologies.

His talks about wine are amazingly sweet and unforgettable. You’ll immediately feel how much love hides behind the relationship between Eko and vine. Eko knows what hospitality is and how to host his guests. He always gives his heart and soul to them and there is never missed the most precious thing – wine for each guest.